Meet some of our Trainees! 

Our inbound trainees come from all around the world. As students soon discover, the Netherlands can be very different from the country they come from. As students who usually have previous experience with agriculture or the type of work they are doing, they now have the opportunity to see how much industries can differ or compare throughout countries. As a cultural experience, it is easiest to transition by simply "doing what the Dutch do." Students are adapting to the differences in the industries they work in, as well as differences in the culture, the people, the food, and even the weather!


 Click on the Trainees' names below to see and hear about their experience so far in the Netherlands:

 Bianca Revolti Oliveira

Muhammad Ariansyah

Galina Garaeva

Wataru Shimanuki and Satoshi Matsumoto

Amina Beeler

Amanda from the US

Catarina from Portugal

Marina from Japan

Gibyeong from South Korea

NoƩmie from Switzerland

Rexy from Indonesia

Tommi from Finland

Hideaki from Japan

Ha-Gyeong from South Korea