Would you like to become a trainee in the Netherlands?

Thinking of a practical training period in the Netherlands?
Are you between 18 and 28 years old? Are you able to speak and understand English, German or Dutch?
Do you want to fill the gap between formal education and your professional career?

Then you have found the right program. Stichting Uitwisseling has almost 70years of experience in organising practical training placements at agricultural or horticultural companies in The Netherlands. The training will be on the job and in the field because we think that “learning by doing” is the best way to improve your skills. Therefore, you should not be afraid to work hard and get dirty hands!

We have to stress that it concerns practical training placements for workbased learning and not jobs. Therefore, your motivation to come to The Netherlands via our program should be learning new skills and living in another country and not earning money!

You will receive:

  • Accommodation
  • Food and drinks
  • Pocket money
  • Insurance


We have placements in the following sectors; dairy, arable, livestock farming, horticulture, mixed farm, field vegetable production, cheese making farms. Many of the placements are in organic agriculture and organic horticulture

All placements have a duration of 3 months (90 days). Arrival throughout the year is possible.

What will be organised?

Placement address, work permit, visa, introductory meeting, follow-up, dictionary, 4 day midpoint meeting and a trainee handbook

Send us an email to find out who our partner in your country is: info@susp.nl